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      1. Counterbalance Truck

        • Counterbalance Stacker (Economy Series)

          ★ A C drive is maintenance-free.
          ★ Fall free lift for working inside the containers and areas with restricted heights.
          ★ Mast with limit switch function limits the traversing speed when lifting and lowering the forks above 30cm to improve safety.
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        • Counterbalance Stacker (Premium Series)

          ★Advanced vertical AC drive is maintenance-free.
          ★Standard EPS (Electric Power Steering) provides easy control and handling.
          ★One vehicle, two uses: by rotating the control handle 180turns a ride-on counterbalance stacker into a tow tractor.
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        • Tow Truck

          ★Curtis AC controller with voltage current and temperature protection, maintenance free.
          ★Standard EPS (Electric Power Steering) provides easy control and handling.
          ★Side-loading battery compartment for easily and quickly changing the battery
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        Originate from Taiwan in 1973, we're well-known as one of the leading counterbalance truck manufacturers and suppliers for our customized products and low price. Please feel free to wholesale discount counterbalance truck in stock here and get quotation from our factory.

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