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        CT POWER Announces Upgraded H Series Forklifts
        Dec 07, 2017


        To mark Tailift’s 30th anniversary in the forklift industry, Tailift’s China factory in Qingdao, under the English name GLOBAL POWER CO., LTD., has announced a series ofnew and freeupgrades to its popular forklift product lines.

        The H series, available from 3.0 to 3.5T capacity, is the most popular Tailift model in China. The H series will be available in selectedmarkets under the Tailift or CT POWER brand*. The H series’ unibody construction is 20% stronger; heat dissipation is improved by 30% and vibration is reduced by 20%, while offering the best price-performance ratio ever for a Tailift engine forklift model. 

        New andfreeupgrades include improvement for simultaneous operation whereby the operator can drive, tilt and lift simultaneously without affecting POWER/performance. This improvement reduces driver fatigue, especially for long operating time.  The rear axle has been strengthened for better handling heavy-duty loads and increasing durability. 

        The 3.5T capacityis available in a new model with shorter wheelbase and reduced turning radius foroperating in tighter spaces. Higher capacity models will be available later.

        GLOBAL POWER CO., LTD., the English name for the Tailift factory in Qingdao, China, was established in 2000. The company is a member of the Tailift Group which started in Taiwan back in 1973. The Tailift brand from Taiwan is well known in the China domestic and Taiwan domestic and export markets. In China, it has been continuously ranked as the number one foreign brand. 

        GC POWER has been the brand known for the China Chinese export market for many years, and is succeeded by CT POWER in 2013, which stands for China Tailift POWER, for better unification and association with the Tailift brand and the Tailift Group. 

        In 2014, the Tailift Group was ranked by MHI as the 15th largest industrial forklift suppliers globally. In 2015, GLOBAL POWER and the Tailift Group entered joint venture with Toyota Industries Corporation.

        * in selected regions

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